Bollywood is synonymous with the kind of music that literally lifts your spirits (like honestly!) If this kind of music is your thing, then surely Anu Malik is your god. One music director known for his superbly original (ahem..ahem..sarcasm intended) songs and the hilarious lyrics of course. Also don’t miss the international touch that Anu Malik gives to the songs he sings.

Here is a list of a combo of funny lyrics with copied music and the brilliant accent of Anu Malik:

Anu Malik
Anu Malik

An Indian Idol Judge Sung This One, And It Almost Pushes You Down From The Same “Oonchi Building”


Dekho Kaun Gaa Raha Hai! We Are Laughing, We Are Laughing, We Are Laughing!

Ek Aspirin Ki Goli Do… Dhik Dhik Chak… Dhik Dhik Chak!

The Dhobis Of India Went On Strike After Hearing This!

Love This Song! Oh, Sorry! We Mean The Original International Version

Should We Say This Was The ‘Eve-Teasing’ Anthem!

Do Me A Favour, Stop Singing Please!

Why Why Anuji.. Uff Uff Anuji!

Being Tone Deaf Would Have Been A Better Option!

We Didn’t Know The ‘Makarena’ Song Could Be Translated Like This

Anu Malik’s One More Crappy Track!

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