Since the last few days, a video of a small kid struggling to learn her mathematics had gone viral. The said video of the crying kid found its way not just on the social media, but also caught the attention of many celebs. Celebs who took to the social media to speak about the kid included Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan, who posted the video on their respective twitter handles. Kohli went onto slam the woman in the video for terrorizing the kid for education.


Besides Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan, cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa also went onto share the same on the social media. Additionally, they also appealed to the parents to not to indulge in child abuse.

Revealed: The Crying Kid In Viral Video Turns Out To Be The Niece Of The Singers Sharib And Toshi
Revealed: The Crying Kid In The Viral Video Turns Out To Be The Niece Of The Singers Sharib And Toshi

After all the hullaboo, yesterday, it was revealed that the crying kid was none other than the singer Sharib and Toshi’s niece Haya. The story did not end there. As a matter of fact, it gave rise to another story. Speaking to a leading publication in reference to the viral clip, Toshi said that Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan don’t know about Haya. He added that if they let Haya on her own, then, she won’t be able to study. He added that Haya was very stubborn, but, was very dear to them. He also added that she was crying just to escape from the studies and that it was not a big thing as in every house and kids act differently.

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Toshi appealed to everyone to refrain from judging the love of a mother by watching a 1.5-minute video, by stating that ‘if a child throws tantrums, then should people stop teaching them’. He summed it up by saying that it was not easy to raise a child.




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