Salman Khan stole the thunder from the sexy ladies at the ‘Being Human’ fashion show in a black-and-red blazer, teamed with red pants and glares. Wait, glares? At a fashion show in the night?

Revealed: Salman Khan’s Bloody Eye!

While many of us shrugged it off as one of his idiosyncrasies, a Mumbai-based tabloid went ahead and published a report which claimed that Salman Khan got drunk in the party following the fashion show and even missed the shooting of a special episode for ‘Bigg Boss 4’, because of the late night revelries.

Around 11 am this morning (12th October), Salman Khan tweeted a clarification explaining that he is, in fact, suffering from a blood clot in the eye due to which his vision is unclear and he had to stick to shades for the fashion show, “Thanks for the concern. It was just a small scratch near the eye but because of all the commitments with ‘Bigg Boss’, launch of ‘Being Human’ watches…and so the blood clot spread in the whole eye. I was ok to walk the ramp without the glares but everyone who saw my eye got scared so I thought it best to wear the chashmas (glasses)…Black, hazel, brown, light brown etc , so for a few days I have 1 red and 1 light brown hehehe enjoy.”

Salman even said that he had a fun time scaring the beauties backstage with his bloody eye. He also assured his concerned fans that he would recover in a few days and his eye would look normal again. We’re hoping to see two light brown eyes soon…

Well, now we know that the insidious report against Salman not attending the Big Boss special shoot on Sunday due to the alleged late night partying is untrue. And we hope that the ‘Dabangg’ Salman, who is under a lot of pain because of the blood clot in his eye, recovers soon. Godspeed!

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