100-plus re-creations in the last few years are evidence that retro songs have magic that will never fade. GenY loves such versions for their melody and today’s sound, but we cannot forget the original golden oldies with their crystal-clear acoustic recordings and solid lyrics, compositions and vocals.

Retro and Relevant: Songs that are forever
Retro & Relevant: Songs That Are Forever – Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas!


‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’

(Film: Blackmail / 1973. Music: Kalyanji-Anandji Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan Singer: Kishore Kumar)


Forget the atrociously sung and presented re-creation from Wajah Tum Ho (that still had almost 70 lakh views on YouTube, all because of the cult original!) and go revisit the stunningly beautiful Kishore Kumar song from the Vijay Anand thriller. This film flopped (ahead of time, it discussed solar energy in those times!) but ranks among the best musicals from this master-director. Anand had a special genius for conceptualizing standout songs, getting them created and then filming them in innovative ways.

The brief, recalled composer Anandji, was to make a song about the heroine (Raakhee)’s romantic fantasies as she reads a series of love letters from the hero (Dharmendra). He recalled, “The original plan was to have a visual for every pal (moment) as mentioned in the lyrics.” As filmed, the song showed Raakhee going moment by moment towards one of the love letters stuck in a tree, and day-dreaming about Dharmendra singing to her.

Kishore Kumar then was the busiest singer and gave more than his 100 percent to what he instantly recognized was a rare musical treasure. And Dharmendra remains so smitten by this sophisticated romantic beauty that he has even chosen its evergreen mukhda as the title of his grandson Karan Deol’s debut film




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