Ever since the release of Band Baaja Baaraat, Ranveer Singh has turned out to be one of the most reliable and dependent stars around, who is well on his way to be a superstar. With Sanjay Leela Bhansali trusting him to step into his magnum opus Bajirao Mastani after delivering a big hit in the form of Ram Leela, Ranveer is indeed scaling newer heights with every passing year.

No wonder, it is pretty much expected that when it comes to the comfort factor with respect to genre and setting as well as the core essence of working in a magnum opus, Ranveer is finding himself in a familiar territory in Bajirao Mastani.


“I would say that Ram Leela was a perfect warm up to Bajirao Mastani Of course the way it has been shot is way-way bigger. Mr. Bhansali is known for that. He sets his films on a very large canvas and now Bajirao Mastani is something that he has never done. What you would get to see on screen is something that you wouldn’t have seen before,” says Ranveer.

"Ram Leela was a perfect warm up to Bajirao Mastani" : Ranveer Singh
“Ram Leela was a perfect warm up to Bajirao Mastani” : Ranveer Singh

This is the reason why the mighty production is much awaited for its scale and splendor.

“Yes, the whole production design of the film is phenomenal,” says Ranveer, “Whether it is the cinematography, or the mounting of the film, there is grandeur and massive big screen appeal of it.”

However, as is always the case, at the end of it all it is the core story and treatment of a film that holds most attention.

“Yes, the film has very layered narrative which is driven by human emotion; it is almost overwhelming,” Ranveer says in an impressed tone, “The film is driven by the characters, the emotions. It has all been a great experience. That’s the way I look forward to the film. Mr. Bhansali is one of the kind directors; I am hoping that he would work with me once more.”

As for Bajirao Mastani, one looks forward to a highly dramatic affair on the big screen.

“Mr. Bhansali’s films are always so high on drama and Bajirao Mastani is no different,” promises Ranveer, “This one has all the intensity that you expect from the film. If I have to describe Bajirao Mastani in two words, it would be ‘high octane’.”

Well, just a few more days and we would get to see it all on the big screen soon.

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