Ranveer Singh in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Ranveer Singh in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

Everyone has their own reason of falling in love with Kill Dil, but Ranveer Singh’s is the most honest. He wanted to entertain and knows Kill Dil is such a pure film that remains with its story although. Speaking of Kill Dil, Ranveer told Koimoi, “I have seen Kill Dil it’s an absolute entertainer. It is fat free entertainment. It doesn’t fall into trappings of scale and canvas. People often show the scale for the heck of it. It stays with the characters and remains focused. It has a narrative and walks towards it without wasting time on floss and what the story doesn’t need. The best thing of Kill Dil is that it remains with its characters. If you see a song or an action sequence, but you are with the character, then that’s the entertainment package as you are feeling it from the character’s perspective. You might be watching action but you are with the characters and with the story. That remains throughout. The music is not created to be a pop album and stays with you just for two weeks. Without taking names, we have a current trend that you make a movie, then you get some hit songs which will be all over the radio for three weeks and then disappear. There is no longevity and clearly I have nothing to do with such songs. There is a separate music video shot for it. Fair enough, it flows out of an entirely different movie marketing approach. Kill Dil‘s music is very rich, it has many layers to it and the best part is that it is made for the film. It must be consumed in the film context. For instance, when I saw the film and I saw Bol Beliya it amazed me. My favorites have changed. It comes at such a point in the film that it traps you with its drama. It grips you when you see it in a film context that’s when you get the real picture.”


Continuing on what is the film’s USP, Ranveer said. “The predominant flavor of the film is its humor. It has romance and action in bits but what I love about the action is it is real. Gunday had many action items. It was much more inclined towards delivering a commercial spectacle, so as to say that we could see a big action piece or a big song come your way. In Kill Dil, the action comes as you follow a story. It’s not action for the sake of action, songs for the sake of song. The story remains consistent through the film, you are with the characters. It’s really one of those rare films which in their editing have done an incredible job of beading the soul of the story with the spectacle of the film, which never looks enforced. Till the last frame you are with the characters and their highs and lows, staying honest to film and characters. I didn’t expect this actually but it took me completely by surprise and I said, ‘Man! I saw a good film.’ I got very emotional and it is such a special film. Shaad is directing after 7 years and I am the lead. This was my teenage dream that one day YRF will produce, Shaad will direct and I will be the actor. And because it’s a film about its characters, it is an actor’s film.”

Kill Dil stars Govinda along with Parineeti, Ali and Ranveer, ofcourse and releases today.

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