Not only the fans but also the Bollywood industry is shocked after learning the untimely and sudden demise of the evergreen actress Sridevi. The veteran actress, who was 54, passed away in Dubai due to the accidental drowning in a hotel.

Late actress Sridevi was in Dubai to attend Mohit Marwah and Antara’s wedding functions.

Soon after this news came in on February 24th midnight, celebs and fans started mourning for this huge loss. Sridevi’s mortal remains haven’t yet been brought to India due to the formalities. Reports suggest that husband Boney Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor will be bringing Sridevi’s mortal remains tonight.

Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji

Just like us, who’s who of Bollywood can’t believe this sudden loss of the superstar. Today, when we met Rani Mukerji, she expressed her grief and sorrow of losing her favourite actress. Rani, who is all geared up for her upcoming release, Hichki, revealed that Sridevi had expressed her wish to see Rani’s film.

When Rani was asked if her film Hichki can be a heartfelt tribute to the late actress, since the film is in a quirky zone just like Sridevi was, she said, “Absolutely! Right now what is happening is very tragic and I was very close to her personally. In fact, before she went to Dubai, she told me that she wants to see Hichki and I told her that, ‘Once you are done with the wedding functions, then I will show you Hichki’. And now, I feel extremely sad that two people who loved me immensely, my dad and Sri ji, who I was I really would be thought have they would have seen Hichki and I would have got a very genuine and good reaction from them. Both of them are no more in my life. So, it is a huge loss for me actually.”

The Mardaani actress also recalled her childhood days and some precious memories of Sridevi. She said that Sri Ji used to address her as Laddu when she used to go on sets to see her shooting in her childhood days. “Omg! For me, Sri ji has been my favourite from childhood and she actually knew me as a kid. I used to go in my school uniform and see her shooting. She has worked in my uncle’s film and I remember going on sets with my school bag to watch the shoot. And she remembers me as that kid. I have connected with her in a very different way when I grew up and when I was an actor, she used to immensely love my work. There was a lot of love that received from her. In fact, she used to call me Laddu! And I am going to miss that because the time I got to know about her demise, it was the most shocking and tragic thing for me to hear. I still can’t believe that we are talking about her demise. It was one of the most unexpected things,” she recalls.

She further added, “ I was looking forward to showing her my film because she called me after watching the trailer and she was like, ‘Laddu! I have to see this film.’ I said, ‘Yes Maa, as soon as the film is ready, I will show it to you.’ It is a huge loss not only for the industry but for us as a family who belongs to the films. So, anybody who departs, we feel that sense of loss. And for me especially because I had a personal connection with her. In the last 2 years, when I had my child, she has been so supportive. The kind of love she has given to me and Adira in the last 2 years, has been phenomenal. She was like an elder sister, Aunt…she’s been a pillar of support to me. It is a huge loss for me and I will never forget her contribution in my life.”

Ask her about her plans and how will she celebrate her birthday as it’s around the corner, she clearly refused and said, “Nothing! Because I am hurt with what has happened with my favourite. So I don’t think I will be able to celebrate this year. Too many losses that I have dealt with.”

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