If you ever had any doubts about Ram Gopal Varma’s love for blood and gore, then Rakht Charitra and Rakht Charitra 2 should have banished those thoughts forever. And now Ramu wants to revive the horrific Maria Susairaj case and take the story on the big screen.

Ram Gopal Varma Takes On Maria Susairaj's "Love Story"


The Story
For those who don’t remember, the Maria Susairaj case shocked people when it came to light. Maria, an actress, was accused of the murder of 25-year-old TV executive Neeraj Grover in May 2008. The police had said that Neeraj was lying naked in the 27-year-old Kannada starlet Maria’s bedroom when her fiancé, Emile Jerome Matthew, had walked in and stabbed Grover to death. Maria and Emile are then said to have hacked the corpse into approximately 300 pieces before putting the chopped limbs on fire and disposing it in the jungles of Manor.

Sounds straight out of a RGV film, doesn’t it?

Ramu’s A Love Story will attempt to recreate the events with Mahie Gill as the lead. Talking about his inspiration, Ramu says, “The Maria Susairaj case has always fascinated me in the context of how two everyday ordinary people, a man and a woman can actually kill another man, cut his body into pieces and then douse the body parts in kerosene to burn and dispose them forever. Thinking that it is the most brutally horrifying murder story I have ever heard in my life I went into the details of the case talking to various concerned such as their friends, relatives, investigators, lawyers, etc. and to my shock I found that underneath this most heinous crime that ever happened in the entire crime history of Mumbai, there is actually an incredible love story… It’s from the heart but not for the faint hearted.”



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