The tragedy in Japan has moved many people into action and one among them is south Indian actor Rajnikant. In a condolence meeting in Chennai, the superstar promised to provide aid for the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims.

Rajnikant Will Visit Japan

In the meeting, the superstar said he would visit the affected country but did not tell when. “Yes, I will visit Japan but not now, after some time,” he said, “Date has not been fixed as yet.” He also said that he is yet to decide on the kind of help he will provide to the survivors.

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami hit Japan on 11th March, 2011 and has claimed over 10,000 lives so far. A radiation leak in the nuclear Power Plant, about 220 km from Tokyo, has lead to partial meltdowns of some of the reactors’ cores and radioactive leaks adding to Japan’s woes.

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