Rabbit Hole is about a happily married couple whose life changes unexpectedly when their son dies in an accident. Read the preview to find out more.

Rabbit Hole Preview

Star cast – Rabbit Hole Preview

Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest.

Plot – Rabbit Hole Preview

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart is a happily married couple whose perfect world is forever changed when their young son, Danny, is killed by a car. Kidman, an executive-turned-stay-at-home mother, tries to redefine her existence in a surreal landscape of well-meaning family and friends. Kidman’s experiences lead her to find solace in a mysterious relationship with a troubled young comic-book artist, Miles Teller – the teenage driver of the car that killed her son. Kidman’s fixation with Teller pulls her away from memories of Danny, while Eckhart immerses himself in the past; seeking refuge in outsiders who offer him something Kidman is unable to give.

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