Medium Star cast: Shreyas Talpade,Sada.

Plot: They say that pictures always tell a story. Click is the story of a young photographer (Shreyas Talpade) and his girlfriend (Sada). Shreyas takes beautiful pictures and yet when they’re printed, they hide a secret. A secret that is so dark, terrifying and menacing that he hides it from his girlfriend. A secret from his past that, if revealed, threatens to ruin not only his life but that of his family, friends and loved ones. A secret that comes from a world that’s different from ours. What happens when the spirit world looks you straight in the eye and tells you to run or die?

Expectations: Click hasn’t been promoted well enough. In fact, many among the audience aren’t even aware that a film of this name will be hitting the screens this Friday. Don’t expect anything as far as initial is concerned.




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