After the verdict on Sanjay Dutt with reference to the 1993 Bombay Blasts, Bollywood will possibly have to digest another tumultuous shock. Salman Khan, who is accused of culpable homicide in the 2002 hit-and-run case has been summoned by the Sessions Court. The news of it came out yesterday. Salman Khan had challenged the magistrate’s order which equated the accident to murder, and could have decreed him to minimum 10 years’ of imprisonment.


Sessions Judge Swapna Joshi transferred the case to Justice U.B Hajib. The important papers and evidence of the case are in the process of moving and once completed Salman Khan will be given a notice and a hearing date from the Court.

Salman Khan And Sanjay Dutt
Salman Khan And Sanjay Dutt

Salman’s lawyer Ashok Mundargi appealed before the Magistrate on March 8th pleading his client not guilty of culpable homicide-murder, on grounds of a clear lack of intention and hence demanding a retrial in the much hyped case. The argument for Salman Khan clearly stated the Magistrate’s error in invoking the crime in light of ‘Culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ (as specifically stated in Section 304, Part 2 of the Indian Penal Code). The 2002 Salman Khan hit-and-run case is now being tried by the Sessions Court.

Salman Khan was previously tried in the same case for an offence of lesser magnitude which stated the charge as ‘Death by Negligence’ (IPC Section 304 A) which would have handed him imprisonment for 2 years.

Based on the facts let out by 17 witnesses, the Magistrate put the pieces of the incident together and concluded that the case of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ was apt in the case and redirected it for a retrial to the Sessions Court.

This 2002 Land Cruiser accident killed one and severely injured four pavement dwellers who were sleeping there. The accident occurred at dawn outside a popular bakery in Bandra, Mumbai on 28th September, 2002.




  1. Govt and president should not show any mercy or sympathy to snajay dutt. People supporting Sanjay Dutt answer the following questions: ________________________________________________________________________ 1. Did the whole truck filled with ammunition not come at his residence? Did Sanjay not chose his choice of guns from known goons? Check past newspapers and FIR before commenting. ————————————————————————————————— 2. Sanjay says he suffered for 20 years, while on the contrary it is he who dragged the case on for past so many years. If he did not want to suffer this wait, why did he not complete his sentence of 6 years? Why did he come out on bail after 18 months? —————————————————————————————————– 3. People who claim Sanjay’s innocence should answer why that even after he came out of jail he was caught red-handed having telephonic conversation with Dawood/Chota Shakeel? Does it not indicate that he was closely associated with D-gang? Before blasting me reopen pages from history and ascertain the truth. ———————————————————————————————– 4. Does portraying goody roles on the silver screen give you a different personality? Don’t the 250 dead people and 1000 injured people deserve to be given justice? —————————————————————————- 5. The Mumbai-Blasts-1993 could have been averted if Sanjay Dutt had informed the police and intelligence sources about the consignment of guns, grenades and RDX being brought in to create mayhem? After all his father Sunil Dutt was a Congress MP in the ruling government of the day

    • please show us where you got this information so we can also educate ourselves since I have looked and can not find any proof of this but a fact is that Sanjay was cleared of any terrorist activities he has no I will state that again no link to any of the deaths. This is the verdict of the courts. He is convicted for illegal possession of arms of which again there is no proof that he ever used them. on your point 2 why would anyone who believes they are innocent spend time in jail for the sake of getting it over and done with… More over why were the likes of Modi who instigated the whole affair that led to the bombings never tried.


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