Ranveer Singh and Parineeti Chopra’s friendship go back a long time, when he was debuting in YRF and she was a marketing personnel with the production house. Speaking of how their relationship has evolved over time, Parineeti said, “Actually this is my third film with Ranveer Singh. In Band Baaja Baarat, I was working behind the camera, then in Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl, it was his second film, my first film. After that we both went out did other films, grew up and came back together. The process has remained the same, the homework we do for our films, but of course the knowledge has grown. In our first film, we were clueless about how films are made and were technically not sound at all. Now when I watch Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl, I feel like I was another person. So yes that change has come. And I am very happy with where Ranveer has reached. We almost started together.”

Parineeti Chopra in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Parineeti Chopra in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

Ranveer made it to the headlines when he shaved off his hair for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Magnum opus Bajirao Mastani. He is eccentric and proudly so and Parineeti has gotten accustomed to it over time.

She quips, “I am used to anything. You guys see only those things which come out in the paper, we guys see what is going on live. He walks in with his bald look and it is like ‘Acha aaj ka yeh look hai’. With Ranveer, it can be anything. He can come without pants and sit next to you and you will be like please wear something. That happens every two days. I normally enter anybody’s make-up van saying ‘Hello it is me!’. But only Ranveer’s van I never enter without his permission. Because with Ranveer it isn’t that he is sleeping or he is in washroom, it has to be whether he has worn clothes or no. There have been cases where he is like come in and when you just enter you see him standing without clothes. So you have to ask before entering his room. He doesn’t mind, but you have to ask because otherwise your life changes when you see him. It has been happening since Band Baaja Baarat. When I used to enter his room that time, he used to be sitting without clothes, so it is ok! He takes off his pants in public. I was doing an emotional-romantic scene and getting my make-up done and all. When I turned back, I see him without pants. Then I told him ‘Ranveer I am in the script’s zone and please help me out’ so then he will be like ok and then wears his pants. He is just shameless!,” signs off the actress on an endearing note.

Kill Dil is a delicious package of zestful performers like Govinda, Ranveer and Parineeti, along with Ali. The film marks Govinda embarking on his second innings in the industry.

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