Pamela Anderson, who is expected to be a guest on the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4’ this week, written a letter today to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pledging to urge people worldwide to reject all leather products.


Pamela Anderson’s Plea For Animals

Pamela Anderson's Signature

‘Baywatch’ star Anderson, who narrated PETA’s video exposing horrendous cruelty to cattle in the Indian leather trade ten years ago writes that she has given up on hoping the leather trade will take steps to reduce the suffering of these animals stating. “I am calling on every kind person in India and throughout the world to join me in rejecting all leather products in order to help put an end to the suffering. I am asking every individual – man, woman and child – never to buy leather shoes, bags, jackets, belts or anything else made of animal skin.” Leather products made from Indian animals are sold in stores worldwide. The two top buyers of Indian leather are the European Union and the United States.



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