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Om Puri

Veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri, who has had several memorable roles to his credit, is against the blatant use of swear-words in movies.

Pointing out to the recently released film, Delhi Belly, the 60-year-old actor told Editor Komal Nahta in an interview that he was staunchly against the use of foul language in films “in the name of depicting the contemporary reality of the youth”.

“Movies are supposed to serve a purpose beyond just providing entertainment for the audience and profits for the filmmakers. So what if the current generation speaks such language? Aren’t you going to teach them anything?,” Puri opined.

Although he accepts “the reality that filmmaking is a business”, Puri wants filmmakers to accept the responsibility that comes with the craft. He cited various examples of films that were clean entertainers yet were box-office successes. On a concluding note, Puri added that “socially-relevant cinema” will always be his first choice when it comes to picking roles.

Om Puri will be seen next in Khap, a film based on the issue of honour killings.

Om Puri was interviewed by Komal Nahta for his television show, ETC Bollywood Business.

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