Kriti Kharbanda, whose latest movie is Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, believes there is nothing wrong in objectifying a woman’s beauty, as long as it is done aesthetically.


Kriti earned popularity in the south Indian film industry. Earlier, actress Taapsee Pannu had mentioned a filmmaker’s obsession with showing a woman’s midriff, and Kriti too cited how he does it in an “aesthetic manner”.

At a time when body shaming has become rampant, Kriti says it stems from people’s narrow-minded perspective towards women.

Objectifying women not wrong if done aesthetically: Kriti Kharbanda
“Objectifying Women Is Not Wrong”: Kriti Kharbanda

Often, women have been projected as eye candy and their mid-riffs are objectified. Asked about it, Kriti told IANS: “Well, let’s make it clear, women are sexier than men. They are a prettier gender than their male counterparts.

“And then, if a woman is comfortable showing her mid-riff on-screen, what is the other’s problem? Why does she face body shaming? Does a man face the same while going shirtless?

“I think objectifying women is not wrong if only her beauty is captured in an aesthetic manner.”

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She stressed: “Like the way beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, dirt also lies in the eyes of the beholder. They should change their perspective.”

Citing an example, Kriti said: “In the south, there is a celebrated Telugu film director name Raghavendra Rao, who is known for shooting women’s mid-riff in a certain manner. They are done in a very aesthetic manner and doesn’t look vulgar.

“Now, it is up to the audience how they are going to watch it. As long as the girl is comfortable acting in it, I see nothing wrong.”

Isn’t it true that in a sexual harassment case, it is the woman who is questioned about her clothes and lifestyle?

Kriti said: “Why do women have to face comments like ‘You are wearing short clothes, you are alluring and inviting men?’. In the daylight, if a girl covered from head to toe gets groped at a bus stop, who is to blame? Is she inviting someone?

“Like the way a woman covered from head to toe is not inviting someone, a woman flaunting her cleavage, is also not inviting anyone. She wears it because she owns and loves her body. No one has the right to look at her in a dirty way.”

Kriti made her Bollywood debut with the film Guest Iin London earlier this year after working in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil films for eight years.




  1. This is one of the best point of view given by a female to those so-called feminists. This is true. Many female artists would agree to do things in a movie yet complain later that women are being objectified. But then, if they have agreed then why crying over it later? It is the audience’s perspective that should change.

    But then we have seen the surge of soft-porn in Bollywood ever since Sunny Leone stepped in (really?). Some have considered it like a competition already where desperate measures have been taken by some – for ex, Poonam Pandey’s challenge to be naked if a cricket match is to be won, Sherlyn Chopra’s Playboy photoshoots and acting in “Kamasutra”, now we see Zareen Khan doing soft porn because in “Hate Story”, “Jism” franchises, some have already done it.

    And then we have also seen breast implants fashion growing (no pun intended :)) – for ex, Ayesha Takia, Zarine Khan, Poonam Pandey, Kangana Ranaut (overnight growing of bigger breasts like she said), Koena Mitra, Rakhi Sawant, Shruti Hassan, Asin, Deepika Padukone (on and off sizes, don’t know what is happening – check the online pics), Priyanka Chopra (sudden plumped up cleavage), Amrita Arora, Bipasha Basu and so many more (check the Internet for before and after surgeries if you feel my statement is inappropriate)

    So in the end, women do want to show off their bodies because they are indeed the most attractive sex compared to males but then if they overdo it, it means that they are desperate but later will cry that they are being objectified.

  2. No doubt in what she said…. It is we who a issue of such small things.

    I would like to mention an error in the facts in this article.
    She made her debut last year with Emraan Hashmi in Raaz Reboot and not this year


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