Nicole Kidman who plays against type as a slightly crazy character in Just Go With It alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston says that she would love to explore her comedic side but rarely gets offered those roles. “Usually I’m offered something strange. It’s a little weird or offbeat or very uncomfortable. I have to be convinced to do things that are more mainstream. As a kid, I was always a bit darker. I was drawn to things that were unusual. And that’s partly to do with my parents. My mom’s always questioned things, wanted us not to conform. So, with roles, I like to be in a place of discomfort. I do my best work in the most complicated roles. I don’t have the capacity to be lighter, and I so wish I did. I’m working on it.”

Nicole Kidman's Funny Bone

The Oscar-winning actress admits that she’s “not a comedienne, so it’s totally unusual for me to do something like this.” Still, any actor would find it difficult to resist Sandler when he calls offering a part. “He called up and said, ‘Look, I’ve got this completely outrageous character; do you want to do it?’  I’ve always loved his movies, and I worked with him on Saturday Night Live 20 years ago, and I thought he was great, so it was lovely to be asked.  I did To Die For years and years ago, but that’s a black comedy, so it was great to be asked to do something outrageous.”

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman star in ‘Just Go With It’ which releases in India on 8th April, 2011.

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