Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s book An Ordinary Life: A memoir created a lot of chaos for him. What went wrong for him were the revelations he made about his personal life, involving actresses Niharika Singh and his first girlfriend, Sunita Rajwar. The actor had given word to word personal information about his affair with the two ladies revealing intimate details. His first girlfriend, Sunita Rajwar had initially slammed Nawaz in a long Facebook post where she had said that she had left Nawaz because he used to discuss their personal stuff with his friends.

Rajwar has also filed a case against him for mental agony and demanded 2 crores as compensation. Nawazuddin’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has decided to counterattack Sunita with a legal notice blaming her for doing cheap stunts for gaining publicity and that the Sunita mentioned in the book is someone else, not her.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Accuses His Former Girlfriend Sunita Rajwar Of Doing A Publicity Stunt
Nawazuddin Siddiqui Accuses His Former Girlfriend Sunita Rajwar For Doing A Publicity Stunt

The actress told Mumbai Mirror, “He is lying that I am not the same Sunita. He himself has given all the evidence in his memoir that says I am the one he is talking about. First, he wrote my name in the book along with National School of Drama, although without a surname, but there was no other Sunita in NSD during our batch.” 

“Then he referred to that girl as Pahadi Girl, again there was no other girl from the hills, other than me. Then he also mentioned that the Sunita in his book was a roommate of famous television actress Achint Kaur, because of whose influence she might have left him, so it’s clear as I was sharing accommodation with Achint Kaur,” she added.

Seems like this legal battle is not ending any sooner.

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