Filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt was recently seen at the DVD launch of Raaz 3 – 3D in Mumbai. At the media interaction, Mukesh Bhatt said that no injustice has been doled out toSon Of Sardaarand the movie has more than enough screens in its kitty.


Said Mukesh Bhatt, “Son Of Sardaar has got more shows than Jab Tak Hai Jaan as far as multiplex are concerned. And in single screens, they say that Jab Tak Hai Jaan has more screens. That can be because of the choice of the exhibitors. Who are you and I to decide? Dukaan meri hai, main chahunga mujhe ye product rakhna hai, toh main wohi rakhunga. That is my call. We cannot interfere into people’s individual choice. And that’s a commercial deal between an exhibitor, a distributor or a producer. So, that’s a personal call. One can fancy ‘A’ product, other may fancy ‘B’ product.”

Check out the video right here:

Mukesh Bhatt At Raaz 3 DVD Launch Event
Mukesh Bhatt At Raaz 3 DVD Launch Event




  1. Bhatt is saying SOS got more shows ie…due movie runtime of JTHJ, even though it has more screens no. of shows are less for JTHJ compared to SOS .Correct ur article title

      • He meant JTHJ is a 3 hour long movie so obviously that’s gonna affect the number of shows per screen but still JTHJ will have the highest number of screens than SOS. If JTHJ releases on one multiplex in 4 screens then it’ll have 6 shows per day which means 24 shows in a day so SOS releasing in 2 screens with 8 shows it’ll have 16 shows in a day which clearly shows the difference.

  2. I think son of sardar will beat jab tak h jaan bcoz in jaipur the advance booking of son of sardar is more than jab tak h jaan.And most people are talking about son of sardar.

  3. Bhatt sab is saying totally wrong statements,initially Bhatt suggested Ajay Devgn to postpone the release of SOS on Diwali.But Ajay Devgn didn’t accept his suggestion,so mr Bhatt is delivering these statement .


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