It is a known fact that when Shirish Kunder started work on Joker, the idea was to create a hitherto unexplored world on the big screen. While Akshay Kumar did adapt himself to this world within few days of the shoot, someone who was happy to go with the flow and learn on the job was Sonakshi Sinha.

Shirish Kunder on the sets of Joker Movie with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha
Shirish Kunder on the sets of Joker Movie with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha


Since this was the second film (after Dabangg) that she started working on (though Rowdy Rathore started later and released earlier), one wonders whether she is just a quintessential heroine in a ‘masala’ outing with a few songs and five scenes to her credit or is there something more up her sleeves as well.

“Let me take your question one by one. First and foremost ‘masala’ outing doesn’t mean that you end up showing something that has already been seen 500 times. For some strange reasons in recent times we have started equating ‘masala’ with that. It is not true. Secondly, as for Sonakshi Sinha playing a quintessential heroine then well, she brings in a lot of entertainment to Joker“, says Shirish Kunder.

Further explaining her presence in the film, he adds, “Sonakshi Sinha has a much bigger role in the film when compared to her earlier films. In fact Joker unravels from her point of view and her screen time is equivalent to that of Akshay Kumar. This is in fact her first full fledged role and moreover she also has two looks in the film. While in the first half she would seen in Western attire, in the second half she turns totally Indian.”

With the film less than three days away from release, we would love to see what Sonakshi Sinha has really done in ‘Joker’.




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