Maddy From Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein: An In-Depth Character Analysis Of R Madhavan's Memorable Role
Maddy From Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein: An In-Depth Character Analysis Of R Madhavan’s Memorable Role

Character Analysis: Madhav Shastri aka Maddy


Played By: R. Madhavan

Movie: Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein


Streaming On: Disney+Hotstar

We meet Maddy as a “Gunda mawali” type guy of college who loves to waste time with his “Chichore” friends. He loves to bully girls and is the biggest rival of “college hero” Rajeev Samrao. But as you spend time knowing more about him, you know that he is a rose hearted guy who has covered himself with thorns to protect his existence.

The college where he studies, he feels he and his friends won’t be able to survive if he doesn’t cover himself with the mask that he always carries. He wants to protect his friends from any harm because he thinks about himself as their saviour. Although his behaviour with his mates can’t be justified at all.

The soft side of Maddy is revealed when he meets Reena. What comes around as an infatuation hits him hard because it’s true love. It’s a life-changing moment for him. He is ready to do everything for her that nobody can imagine him doing. On his first date with her, he eats chicken despite being “Brahmin”. Because he can’t say no to Reena. A boy who used to bully girls in college suddenly becomes so soft that he breaks one of the biggest rules of his life. I remember that Zakir Khan dialogue here, “Vese to main bada sakht launda hu par yaha main pighal gaya”

We see another good side of Maddy when he doesn’t get intimate with Reena during their moment. He understands that Reena thinks he is “Rajeev from America” so his heart stops him from taking that advantage. Even though he can’t live without her and uses Rajeev’s disguise to get her, he knows his boundaries. He also doesn’t beat Rajeev when actually he wants to do it which shows the internal conflict he is going through.

All of us actually have a dual side of our nature. One side overlaps with another depending on the situations we find ourselves in. Maddy also reacts according to the situations he finds himself in. He is a decent human being who understands women’s modesty but feels violated when Reena breaks up with him. There is a part of him which hasn’t yet grown up and therefore he reaches Reena’s office and misbehaves with her. He is heartbroken but that doesn’t give him license to mistreat his ex in public. He learns from his mistakes but takes time for it.

The reason behind him being a manchild also is the kind of circle in which he has grown up. His father has brought him up with so much love and care that he himself appears to be careless. Then there are his friends who hardly help Maddy in growing up as a man. All they do is make him feel like a hero.

So above all, Maddy is a very lucky guy. He has got an extremely loving father, loyal friends and also the girl who accepts him at the end. Despite all his flaws! And somehow, even I adore him!

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