The gorgeous Lara Dutta has taken up the vegetarian cause in association with the Mumbai-based environmental agency  PETA India. In ads for the campaign, the Housefull actress has been spotted in a new, green avatar.

“Even seemingly small choices can have a big impact on our health, our community and the world around us”, says Lara. “Going vegetarian is one of the easiest ways to improve our health, help countless animals and protect the Earth.”

The actress, who created a flutter with her chiseled figure in Blue, seems to have a liking for vegetarian foods as they are naturally low in fat and cholesterol but high in nutrients.

“Because vegetarian diets work well for long-term weight loss, it’s no surprise that vegetarians are generally leaner and trimmer than meat-eaters. Going vegetarian also reduces your risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer,” a PETA India statement said.

By Koimoi Team

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