Kunaal Roy Kapur
Kunaal Roy Kapur

Kunaal Roy Kapur, who epitomized Nitin Beri and orange juice in Delhi Belly, gets candid about his upcoming film Nautanki Saala, for which he is extremely optimistic and is sure that ‘it will be profitable’.

Mandar Lele, how will people connect with him?
He is a Maharashtrian guy, who is lovelorn. ‘Nandini ka Bukhar hua hai usse’. About Mandar’s life is not only the woman, he doesn’t even have a proper steady job, he is on the road, his life has actually amounted to nothing. In the beginning of the film, Mandar is at a point where he completely feels hopeless, people will connect with him, in some aspect of his hopelessness.

What is Ram Parmar’s role in shaping up Mandar Lele?
Ram Parmar (RP), is like a shoulder to cry on. He saves Mandar’s life, saved him from committing suicide. And then it’s the story of how their lives intertwine and whether he has actually done Mandar a favour by saving him or he should have actually let him die.

Who was the real ‘nautanki’ on set?
Actually, everyone at some stage or the other was nautanki. But Ayushmann was a big Nautanki. (Laughs) No he wasn’t I am just joking! See all of us have something or the other that troubles us, but Ayushmann’s thing is that you have to keep him well-fed. Otherwise, if you don’t feed him properly na, then his battery is ekdum down, and his lines would all come out drawly. So you have to really put food in his mouth, keep him energized, and then he will be fine.

It’s a Rohan Sippy movie, the “Abhishek Bachchan” touch has to be there. What is his cameo about?
He came to help us out in the movie and in the scene as well. It’s a small little scene, and he playing himself. It is a simple scene and a very sweet scene. And he comes in one song in one line. We basically did that, so that good luck charm is there. He came, he had some good lunch, Pulao Wulao Khaaya and thoda sa mutton khaya, and he left.

What according to you is the USP of Nautanki Saala?
I think the USP of Nautanki Saala is the journey of the two characters- Ram Parmar and Mandar Lele, in the arch and how their characters change and how they affect each other’s lives. That is what I feel, will keep people interested in the movie. The other thing is the sweet romance, which is highlighted by the wonderful music that Ayushmann has done, Mikey McCleary has done. All this will keep people interested.

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