Actress Katrina Kaif has become the world’s most searched celebrity in mobile videos, beating even Britney Spears to claim her way to the top. According to the findings of latest Global Video Insights Report for September, the top ten celebrities globally also included India’s Kareena Kapoor (Global Rank: #4) and Sonakshi Sinha (Global Rank: #6), alongside international stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce and Shakira.

Katrina Kaif Beats Britney Spears For Most Searched Video Celebrity


Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar emerged as the most searched male celebrity in mobile videos in India. Among the most watched clips in India, topping the charts was Ajay Devgan’s joke on Kangana Ranaut’s bikini shoot for the movie Rascals; followed by Vidya Balan’s two gossip videos about The Dirty Picture. Baba Ramdev’s reply to Rakhi Sawant’s wedding proposal also made it to the top five most watched mobile videos in India in September.



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