Working with two leading ladies might be a challenging task in itself, but when you are co-starring with Kajol and Kareena Kapoor, you are bound to be overwhelmed. But Arjun Rampal, who’s the leading man in Dharma Productions’ We Are Family, is unperturbed.

When asked about how it was to act alongside Kajol and Kareena, both of whom are known to have very different personalities, Arjun gushes, “You have to love your co-stars. It’s like one family coming together. You have to have great chemistry with them, which needs to show on screen.”

Okay. But what about his reported tiff with Kajol while shooting for the film in Australia? “That is not true,” ripostes Arjun, “Kajol is a very fine actress; she’s my favourite. Working with her was like a dream come true. She’s so brilliant in front of the camera, and off the camera as well.”

But when pushed further, Arjun accepts that his two leading ladies had little in common.  “Kajol reads a lot. She’s very interesting. She’s lots of fun. But she is a person who’s introverted, you know. She likes her space. Kajol’s not like a Bebo (Kareena Kapoor), who would like to go out and have dinner and do fun stuff. Kajol’s fun is reading a book and you have to respect that.” All said and done, we are family!

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