Kaccha Limboo is about Shambhu, a 13 year old teenager caught in a transitional, adolescent phase. Read the preview to find out more.

Kaccha Limboo

Star cast – Kaccha Limboo Preview

Sarika, Atul Kulkarni, Rukhsar, Vinay Pathak, Taher Sutterwala.

Plot – Kaccha Limboo Preview

Shambhu is a big cause of worry to his parents due to his constant goofy behaviour. In the course of the semester, he manages to hit it off with a gang of friends. But that soon crumbles when misunderstandings caused by a high school girl impede their relationship. Shambhu gets pushed into a world of peer pressure, responsibilities and adjustments. Shambhu just wants to be happy and he realizes that the only way to do so is to run away from home.

On his journey of self-realization and discovery, Shambhu bumps into Vitthal, an extremely smart kid who belongs to a nearby fisherman colony. In Vitthal, Shambhu discovers an alter-ego, the sort of individual that he always desired to be.

Box-Office Expectations – Kaccha Limboo Preview

Kaccha Limboo is Sagar Bellary’s second film after the critically-acclaimed and commercially successful Bheja Fry. However, the film has not been promoted well at all. Do not expect a good opening at the box-office.

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