Parmanu- The Story Of Pokhran: ‘Stiff’, ‘wooden’, ‘non-actor’ – These have traditionally been some of the words attached to John Abraham in a career innings that has lasted more than a decade and a half already. However, it is surprising that there are some who are still choosing to call out such words when John Abraham has come up with an impressive and a very noble Parmanu- The Story Of Pokhran.


This is one film that not just the actor or those associated with it would be proud of but also audiences who choose to watch it in theaters. Recreation of a real life tale that made India proud way back in 1998, this Abhishek Sharma directed film is a prestigious piece of work that has been ably supported by John, both as an actor and as a producer.

John Abraham deserves a salute for Parmanu - The Pokhran Story
John Abraham deserves a salute for Parmanu – The Pokhran Story

In my view, John has given a truly restrained performance with the film which actually had good scope to turn filmy. However, you can see right from the beginning that John knew it was time to let go of the heroic histrionics and settle down with realism.


This is the reason why when he makes his entry into the boardroom of the PMO as a bureaucrat, you know he means business. In a suited-booted avtar and a moustache to add, John looks every bit a man in his early 40s. Ditto when a turn in his life brings him to the brink of breaking down, before his new stint as a civil services coach presents him in a new avtar altogether.

Of course, you get to see John Abraham as John Abraham when he embarks on to ‘Mission Parmanu’. However, even as Krishna of this mega mission, he ensures that his bulging biceps are hidden, a hint of rounded up belly is a bit visible in an Army uniform while all he does is being defensive instead of offensive when an ISI operative threatens him with a pistol.

Basically, he looks John Abraham, but doesn’t act like one, and this is where the biggest win is!

There is indeed a new John Abraham that you see in Parmanu- The Story of Pokhran and the attempt is pretty much visible. As an actor and a perform, he does well and so is the case in his role as a producer too where he ensures that the film gets the right pitching, platform and setting so that it reaches out to the right audience segment.

John Abraham deserves a salute. Let’s give the man credit, where it is indeed due!

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