While Suraj Pancholi’s defense advocate was giving the reason that the deceased actress Jiah Khan had not specified anyone in her suicide note, the romantic relationship between Suraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan was widely confirmed by the love letters that were exchanged between the two. The police in a search operation carried out at Pancholi’s residence yesterday found five love letters, where as from Jiah’s home relevant medical reports were excavated.

The suicide note that spoke of domestic abuse, rape as well as abortion is pending confirmation based on those medical reports as well as the police is trying to find out more about where the apparent pregnancy was terminated so that more could be highlighted on that part of the case.

Suraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan
Suraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan

A leading daily reported that Jiah’s mother Rabiya also told the police how Jiah often had severe bruises on chin and  neck which confirms that she was being assaulted by Suraj. Rabiya also informed that Jiah and Suraj were in a live-in-relationship for the last one year, which was confirmed by the Police.

However, the police has been unable to confirm what triggered off this incident and is looking for hints whether Suraj assaulted Jiah on the day of her suicide. More information will be uncovered once Jiah’s phone are unlocked. A team of experts are currently working on the issue.

Suraj, who was arrested by Juhu Police on Monday, has been detained in Police Custody by Andheri Metropolitan Court till 13th June after which he can apply for bail. Booked for ‘Abetment of Suicide’ under Section 306A of The Indian Penal Code, Suraj is in grave trouble being faced with grievous charges!

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