Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum‘ releases today and Ritesh Deshmukh is now willing to spill the beans. While the promos have indicated a riotous outing in the offering, there are also some of the best jokes that have been reserved only for the big screen. Ritesh comes forward to share a few.

“Well, there are quite a few outrageous things in the film that you should check out in theatres but let me share one here”, says Ritesh, “You have heard about my pug Fakhru, right? Now he is the sole bread winner of the house as he is a mating champ. Of course this has been already told. What hasn’t been told is all the fun that comes in due to Anupamji (Kher), who plays a millionaire in the film. Guess what, he too has a dog! There are sequences in the film where our respective dogs come up with some hilarious stuff together that is bound to bring the house down.”

Ritesh Deshmukh In Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum Movie Stills
Ritesh Deshmukh In Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum Movie Stills

Ritesh confesses that it was especially difficult for him to control his laughter, especially with pugs in motion.

“It is very difficult to be poker faced in such situations all the time. It was especially uncontrollable when the dogs were on the sets and you are like – what are they doing! However in the scene you are required to be totally into the character during the proceedings instead of reacting as an audience. In fact there are some shocking pieces in the film where after you have wrapped up a shot, you end up telling yourself – ‘Oh my God, did I just say that?'”, he says in an animated tone, “Sometimes the lines that you mouth are such that it is impossible not to break into laughter yourself. We weren’t any different.”

Well, the cast has done it’s best to project ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum‘ as the most hilarious adult outing of the season. Now with the film running in theaters, it’s time for audience to announce the verdict.

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