John Abraham
John Abraham

With the development in the use of warfare in films, risk has also increased a great deal. One such instance could have cost John Abraham his life. And no, it’s not like the other exaggerated stories where a minor injury is told to be life threatening. The situation could have been far worse if not for some good luck.


While shooting for the Climax of Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala, Anil Kapoor could have killed or at least brutally injured John Abraham. John is playing the role of a dreaded gangster Manya Surve while Anil Kapoor plays the character of Isaque Bagwan, a cop. The scene required Anil to shoot a bullet at John. The action squad hired for this sequence made a gross error and miscalculated the minimum distance from which the bullet was to be shot. Instead of firing from 15 feet, Anil Kapoor was told to fire from a distance 10 times lesser than the safe distance, 1.5 feet! The bullet expectedly, hit John with much more intensity and wounded him. However, luckily Anil Kapoor missed his aim and instead of hitting John in the middle of the neck as planned, the bullet just grazed the left side of John’s neck. Despite the misfire, John fell to his right side upon being hit with such a high momentum.

Though physical injuries were restricted to just a bruise and burn on the collar bone, mental damage will surely last longer for John. The actor has stated that it will take a long time for him to recover from the incident which happened at the Haffkine Institute, where the shooting was taking place. Even Anil Kapoor confirmed the occurrence of this event by saying that John did not get into a fit of rage and reacted very calmly.

It was a nightmare for Sanjay Gupta, who fully knew what could have happened. According to a leading newspaper, the director has been fuming with his Gun-Effects team. Despite all the chaos, the shot was given a green signal, much to the relief of the cast and crew. The film is planned for a release in December of this year.




  1. I am relieved that John is safe! There should be more safeguards while filming such scenes. Lack of safety measures can cost someone their life.


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