History has it that no one dares to intrude into the territory of Bollywood’s bad-boy-turned-good-guy Salman Khan. The actor who has smashed his way with four back to back blockbuster hits at the box office is reigning supreme in the Indian film arena. Salman Khan means plain business today. He is undoubtedly the money spinning machine that most film makers have opted for to increase their film’s credibility. A man who is a superhero in his real life too, Salman Khan is the true Rajnikanth of Bollywood.

The Expendables 2 Movie Poster and Ek Tha Tiger Movie Poster
The Expendables 2 Movie Poster and Ek Tha Tiger Movie Poster

While all of us are aware of the strange fact that no one even dares to compete with this mega star. Many reports of producers changing their release dates in order to avoid a clash with Salman Khan at the box office have been testimony to the immense power that Salman Khan entourages within. And this time, its not just Bollywood, Salman’s impact is evident in the Hollywoodarena too.

It seems that The Expendables 2, the sci-fiction flick that released globally on the 17th of this month has postponed its release in India, much likely to refrain away from a backlash from Salman’s recently released and hyped Ek Tha Tiger. If you look at the current trend of Hollywood releases in Indian, even a huge franchise movie like The Amazing Spider Man released in Indian before releasing overseas. Hollywood movies are undoubtedly taking India as a serious market and are treading carefully with the release dates.

Ek Tha Tiger has created thunderstorms in the box office raking in a mammoth 32.95 crores on its opening day and is slated to be the biggest turnout for the industry ever.

Under such circumstances, The Hollywood producers hopefully made the correct decision as the increasing word-of-mouth publicity about the Hindi film would have a disastrous effect on their share of profit in the Indian markets.

While all the others in the Hindi film fraternity raise quite a few eyebrows jump into a battle with the man of the moment, even Hollywood followed suit. For all Sallu bhai fans, this one’s a moment of sheer proud and joy!

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