Salman Khan and entire team of LoveYatri hosted a live concert to celebrate the success of the film’s music. Ahead of the mega-event that took place in Bandra, Khan in a group interview with us was at his candid best and spoke about the film that is the launch vehicle of Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain.


Khan is a strong believer in destiny and revealed that it is the audience who makes or breaks the star. As the film is set for a release on 5th October 2018, here is the snippet from the group interview that took place at Galaxy Apartment in Bandra.

Interview Snippets: Salman Khan On LoveYatri, Box-Office Success & What Made Him Launch Aayush Sharma!

What do you have to say about the people who have associated with your production house over the years?

Everyone who has come here have done well for themselves. And everyone has their own destiny. When I did Maine Pyaar Kiya and wherever I have gone in my career I think I have done pretty-well for myself. Everyone wants to be the biggest star, but some are destined, some are not. Sohail and Arbaaz did not make it big in the acting field, but they have their own production company and they are doing well for themselves.

Did you give any advice to Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain?

I tell them, Do whatever you want to do man. Just don’t trouble your mother. On a serious note, I tell them don’t play games, just be enthusiastic in what you want to do, be patient and don’t jump into anything. If there is no work, it is fine as the work that you do has to be good work. Otherwise doing bad work every day will not let you get work in the future.

Do you still feel nervous ahead of film release?


There is nervousness. I went on a bike with my friend in a theatre called Minerva to gauge the audience reaction of Maine Pyaar Kiya. During the interval, people saw me and I had to run away from there and my friend’s bike wasn’t starting. It is one of the happiest moments for me to see this kind of love from audience. I am one of the fortunate ones that even my flop films do business of over Rs 100 crore. I told Aayush and Warina that even if you deliver a flop film it should do Rs 170 crore at the box office. So now they have pressure of a flop film.

Was launching Aayush Sharma in a feature film always on cards? What made you launch him?

Sohail saw Aayush in the gym and if not me, somebody else would have launched him. He has been training hard. I knew this nepotism thing would come up. But how is this nepotism? He is son of a politician how can you put him into this nepotism thing. For example, if you are into the business of selling bicycle then the son takes over. That’s nepotism. In-fact, this is the only one place where nepotism cannot work at all, how much ever you work and push, it is the audience that will make you a superstar or will reject you no matter whose son you are, brother-in-law is dur ki baat hai. I am son of a writer, Ajay Devgn is an action director’s son. It is totally the audience who decide what they like and what not. You never know what they would like. You maybe the best-looking guy and best actor and they just reject you. And then there is something about you that audience goes to watch your film in cinema halls and this is till your last film. And no matter how many hit films you have delivered and one film down audiences will not have an effect but people from the industry would. It had become very competitive and it is good.

Do you feel responsible when launching two debutants?

Yes, it is the biggest responsibility because it’s like playing with their lives. So, it is the hugest responsibility when you launching somebody, you need to be very careful. If they make, it is the happiest feeling but if they don’t, whoever you have launched or worked with, I believe that you should never stop working with them.




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