Sunny Deol
Sunny Deol

There is a lot of incorrect information sprawling in the media regarding Bollywood actor Sunny Deol gearing up to contests polls from Ludhiana this time. Since the actor associated himself with Satyapal Singh’s campaign recently, Sunny in an interview with Koimoi cleared the air about his political association with Satyapal Singh.


He said, “If I like the candidate and he is good and needs support then I will be there. Satyapal Singh has done an array of good things as the city commissioner. Now he has left everything and joined politics which is good. We need such people who are positive and are willing to go out and do something good for the country.”

But is he contesting from Ludhiana, given that his father too is politically bent, Sunny clarified convincingly saying, “I will not enter politics I don’t have any such ambition. I am very happy being an actor. You get to do what you want as an artist. I have gathered this from my dad (Dharmendra who was in politics) that in politics you are dependant on so many people to get a job done. Also if you have made a promise and then fail to do it, it is bad.”

Though earlier Manish Tewari was Congress candidate from the region and reports suggested that Sunny will contest on Akali Dal’s ticket from the region, Deol himself cleared about the haze from the speculation and confirmed that he is in a happy space being an actor.

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