The actress began on a remarkable note in Anurag Basu’s Barfi as the ravishing Bong Babe whom Ranbir Kapoor loses his heart to. Years later, the beautiful lady still has the same defining spunk in her. In the first trailer of Happy Ending, the actress catches your attention as much as Saif Ali Khan does. But shockingly, the actress revealed to Koimoi that her character in the upcoming romantic comedy isn’t all about romance.

Rather it’s quite the contrary. She briefed us about her role in the film, “I didn’t have a single emotional shot in the film. I was very dry and disinterested kind of a role. I don’t believe in ‘Happily Ever After’. She writes romantic novels for a living and doesn’t believe in love!”

Saif Ali Khan and Ileana DCruz during the promotion of 'Happy Ending'
Saif Ali Khan and Ileana DCruz during the promotion of ‘Happy Ending’

Ileana, who might seem to be quite a misfit for a role like that given her cheerful demeanor and bubbly screen presence told us that she quite related to the role. It turns out, not very long ago Ileana was a spitting image of the same personality. She admits, “I used to be like my character at one point of time. I was commitment phobic. I was a kind of girl who if in relationships, was kind of bored. But I changed after sensibilities came in. So yes there was a lot I could relate to.”

Speaking of how her role fitted in with Saif’s real life deadpan humor, she quipped, “I think for me doing a film with Saif would have been great, but for me to do a film like Happy Ending with Saif is just like a perfect combination! So there was no reason to say no to the film. While working with Saif, the one thing I was looking forward to was the kind of humor the role demanded, he is brilliant at it. And it was tricky for him to do this especially after doing two different films before. But, he is incredibly hard working. It is difficult to do this deadpan humor, Saif is synonymous with. As hilarious as it looks, it is equally tough to do. Like all my co-actors, I had the opportunity of imbibing and learning a lot from him as well.”

Happy Ending is an unusual take on Love and Relationships. The film, directed by Raj and DK looks like a blooming and bright romantic comedy. Starring Saif and Ileana as the lead pair, the film is all set to hit the theaters soon!

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