Sonal Chauhan
Sonal Chauhan

Five years after her Bollywood debut Jannat and two years after a brief appearance in Bbuddah…Hoga Terra Baap, Sonal Chauhan is making a comeback of sorts as a leading lady in psychological horror thriller 3G. Battling intermittent link up stories as well as the waiting period that she had to suffer before bagging a new film, Sonal is back in news. While she was working on 3G, there was this entire episode six months ago where she and Neil Nitin Mukesh were linked up. One wonders what really happened?

“Thank goodness that at least someone is giving me that respect by asking me what really happened”, sighs Sonal, “See, sometimes silence is taken very differently and then after a while, people start looking at it at face value and assuming that it is all true. At my part I did clarify things for a while. It was unfortunate that such speculations started making rounds. People do get misquoted. (Pauses) In this industry, there is always an attempt to link up two good looking people.”

However, since she doesn’t have a famous boyfriend or a Godfather, does she feel that the very survival proves to be a challenge in itself?

“I really don’t know how having a famous boyfriend can help”, says Sonal, “If you are not good enough or talented then no matter who is your boyfriend or Godfather, you won’t be able to step up the ladder. I have never understood this concept. If a director or a producer takes a liking for you, why would he still want to invest crores and make a film for you? I would still say that no director would compromise a movie for a random person; it is the talent that eventually comes through. If you have the right people around you, it always works.”

Guess she is finally finding some right people around her, what with Eros and Viki Rajani trusting her to deliver goods. With rumours already floating around the production company having signed Sonal for her next, the pretty girl is indeed moving on a new phase of her career.

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