Chitrangada Singh
Chitrangada Singh

An actor par excellence, one who has bamboozled the audience as well as the critics with her superlative performances in some quirky unconventional roles previously, Chitrangada Singh had plunged on to the commercial route with a Desi Boyz or even so with an Inkaar. But I Me Aur Main is something altogether different, says she.


From doing unconventional roles with the likes of Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi to a commercial urban drama like Inkaar and now I Me Aur Main, you have taken the shortcut too. What made you say yes to this film?
Well the answer is all there, because I Me Aur Main is one of the best commercial films that can be made today for the urban youth. Other than that, I think the part of Anushka is something that I have never done on screen before that was another reason. I guess both of it along with the good script and plotline made me say yes to the film.

But then previously you did Inkaar where you played an independent self opinionated Maya Luthria and now you play an independent Anushka in this film. Do you think you are stereotyping your potentials?
Well, I do feel that typecasts happen but I don’t think that would be the case for me. Anushka and Maya are not same kind of women; they are definitely doing different hair styles, wearing different clothes (Laughs). Anushka is somebody who you see in the trailers now. She comes across as somebody who slams the door, saying you are so full of shit but when you see the film, you will realize that she is probably somebody who is a lot more vulnerable and lot more emotionally weak. She doesn’t know where she is going at the moment when the man she is probably in love with does not want to be with her anymore. Then she has to make some decisions. So yes, definitely I have ended up doing roles where I am playing women, independent in their thoughts but this is definitely different from what I did in Inkaar.

So why did you opt for a film that deals with the tricky relations between men and women?
You know, these stories are so much more relatable; relationships are a big issue today with the society and with the people and that is what people want to see. So when you come across a script that is about relationships and it makes sense, like something you can relate to, it becomes easier for you to perform, just like John can actually relate to his character Ishan which is a ten year rewind happening there for him. So if it is an interesting script, it doesn’t really matter as long as you are getting to do something different.

Having done Desi Boyz with John before and now playing his lead in this film, how was it working with him and Prachi too?
I will be really honest. It has been a lot of fun. It was like working with friends and working became too easy. Whether it is Kapil, our director, John Abraham or Prachi Desai, we enjoyed a lot shooting together. Yes, I knew John before but I got to know him a lot more through this film, during the shoot and everything. He is a wonderful person, very professional and he is someone who tries hard to be selfish sometimes. Not just that, Kapil, our director had it rolling for us. All the excitement, angst and anxiety has been very contagious. Prachi and I are neighbors and we knew each other. We saw each other quite often but we could never really spend time together. But this film brought us together and it was a riot. We share only one scene in the film, which is by far the best moment from the film, sans any dialogue. It has been fantastic working with the team.

What are you expectations out of I me aur Main as an actress?
I think that this film would really be something that people would definitely relate with totally. A lot of men will relate to Ishan’s character and a lot of girlfriends going through the same would definitely get to know what Ishan is all about. They would also relate to Anushka’s or Gauri’s character in some way. It is a film about relationships and it is a beautiful film for me. I am not saying this because of some dramatic plot and action happening and all of that. I think the content is purely about relationships and what happens in a relationship. That will definitely work!

Both your co stars are riding high on their last films which had a run of over 100 crores whereas Inkaar, although having a good storyline failed to excite the audience and bombed. So as an actress, is there an additional pressure on you to deliver more than John or Prachi?
Well I hope some of the luck from them rubs off on to me and we make some good business with I Me Aur Main. But yes, nevertheless that is not a set parameter for me to perform better for any film. I take each role with due sincerity as an actress and try to give my best. Yes some films work, some don’t. But that doesn’t really change you internally as a performer.

What is keeping you busy for the rest of the year quartets?
Well, I don’t think I would be able to take any name at the moment because hopefully the announcements would be made soon and you will get to know it soon.




  1. With two of the most hottest actors in the film industry John and Chitrangada are surly going to sizzle the screen with this movie. I just booked my tickets for the weekend at waves cinema so that i can enjoy the movie as soon as possible. hope the movie is a success.


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