Debutante Arjun Kapoor is the new toast of Bollywood and a huge find of the year. Only one film old and he has already won the heart of the critics and audience. As his debut movie Ishaqzaade continues to impress audience and critics alike, Arjun gets into a candid chat about his journey so far.

Arjun Kapoor In Ishaqzaade
Arjun Kapoor in Ishaqzaade

Ishaqzaade has turned out to be some violent fun. Quite a kick-start for a debutant, isn’t it?
Well, it has been even as I enjoyed working and giving it my best. What had impressed me most about the script was the fact that it had the whole gamut of emotions, right from love, hate, jealousy, humour and anger. As Habib (Faisal) sir often says, emotions takes a film closer to real life and audience can always relate to it. The unique factor here was that the story was set in a small town where the characters were different, their challenges were unique and their attitude towards life was aggressive. It was fun to discover these and getting into each and every layer of the characters.

Now that you have worked in a film, do you think that acting is something that comes naturally to you? Or do you feel you had to really work towards it?
I am glad you asked me this question. For Parma’s role I had to (give an) audition and though I was sure of my capabilities as an actor, I was not 100% convinced whether I would be able to bring the character into life in the way that Habib sir had envisioned. Things changed though once I was in Lucknow. Because while shooting there I realised that this is the only thing I wanted to do and this is the only place where I wanted to be. The only doubt that remains in your mind once you start shooting is whether people would accept you and will they genuinely and wholeheartedly appreciate your work.

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Choopra In Ishaqzaade
Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Choopra In Ishaqzaade

Now that the film has released, I am sure compliments must be coming your way from the industry. Anything really flattering that made your day?
I am overwhelmed with this emotion that has been showered on me. I still cannot believe that people have accepted Parineeti and me with open arms. It’s not only now though, as the hooting and cheering started before the release itself, which was a pleasant surprise. There was so much encouragement on Twitter as well as other social and media dos which felt really nice and encouraging. Now post release of the movie, the furore has continued which makes me happy and humble.

Arjun Kapoor with Boney Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor with Boney Kapoor

While the film is doing well for you as well as the Yash Raj Films, one does wonder what made you associate with them for your first film. After all, many would have thought that you would be launched by your own banner since your dad (Boney Kapoor) is an established producer.
Dad and I were planning to do something together but then we had to come up with something that made sense financially as well. A launch-pad is good but then it has to make business sense too. My family believes in taking calculated decisions instead of going by the T. Just because I had to start my career in films doesn’t mean that by default, my dad would go ahead and make a movie. Also, I too didn’t want to put pressure by doing something like that; I wanted my launch to be devoid of such expectations. Moreover, it was in between all this when I met the YRF casting director (who, by the way, had seem my pictures only Facebook and wasn’t aware of me being Boney Kapoor’s son) and she asked me whether I would like to audition for their film. I took it as a golden opportunity and went for it. I would have been a fool to do anything else. As for working in my own production house then well, whenever a right script and movie comes along, I am sure we will work together. Aakhir dad ke saath toh poori zindagi kaam karma hai!

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