Amidst all fuss, comes a little relief for Rajpal Yadav, who was sentenced a 10 days jail term for misleading the court in regard to a suit filed by a businessman against him and his wife.


The Delhi High court, on Tuesday, suspended Rajpal’s sentence in lieu of his appeal against the single judge’s order. The order was passed by a bench of Justice BD Ahmed and Vibhu Bakhru. The court said the sentence “will remain suspended till further order” and have given the complainant time till January 22, 2014 to file a response. A judge, on December 6th, suspended his verdict and has granted Yadav with time till Tuesday to file his statutory appeal. Rajpal has already spent three days in jail.

Rajpal Yadav at an event
Rajpal Yadav at an event

The High Court further said that “he (Rajpal) will not travel outside the country” but can complete his film projects within India. This was a relaxed statement for him, as the lower court had strictly asked him not to leave Delhi or India, without permission. According to orders, Rajpal has to within a week, give a cheque of Rs. 20 lakhs to Murli Projects.

The court was hearing a case against Rajpal and his wife, which involved misleading the court by concealing facts and forging documents.

The Yadavs had taken a loan of Rs.5 crore from M.G Agarwal; owner of Murli Projects; in 2010 to make his Hindi directorial debut Ata Pata Lapata . When the Yadavs failed to repay the sum, Agarwal filed a case in the High court.

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