Harry Potter may be a big brand but so is Hrithik Roshan. The difference is: Harry Potter is from Hollywood, Hrithik is our very own. But yet, the last in the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 – has beaten Bollywood’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, starring Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif and others.

H-Factor: Hollywood’s Harry Beats Hindi Film Industry’s Hrithik

At 70-80% of the centres in India, the collections of Harry Potter (English) and/or its dubbed Hindi version, Harry Potter Aur Maut Ke Tohfe Part 2, were better than those of ZNMD.

Pune (Bombay circuit) Box-Office

At E-Square multiplex on the University Road of Pune, as many as three auditoria had to accommodate Harry Potter in the morning show today (July 15) to take care of the surging crowds. Needless to add, all the three screens were packed to capacity. As against this, ZNMD was shown in one auditorium which recorded 94% collection in the first show.

C.I. Circuit Box-Office

The comparative figures in the multiplexes of Indore in the first show of Friday are as follows:

Multiplex Harry Potter (Rs.) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Rs.)
Inox Sapna Sangeeta 13,308 10,907
Velocity 9,280 (3D version) 9,400
Inox Central Mall 18,737 (3D version) 6,900
PVR 14,847 8,800
Satyam 10,701 5,350
Mangal Big 9,700 2,700

The difference was huge in Fun multiplex of Bhopal. As against Rs. 41,218 of Harry Potter, Zindagi… could yield just Rs. 9,200 in the opening show!

In Ratlam, a centre of C.I., ZNMD collected Rs. 4,400 in the first show at Gayatri and only Rs. 8,800 in the 3 p.m. show. Its house-full capacity is Rs. 25,000 per show. In Ujjain, the figures for the two shows were: Rs. 3,200 and Rs. 7,100. Believe it or not, Murder 2 also opened today in Ujjain (instead of last week) and it collected Rs. 6,500 in the first show!

East Punjab Circuit Box-Office

In East Punjab territory, the dichotomy was more pronounced. Take Chandigarh, for instance:

Multiplex Harry Potter (Rs.) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Rs.)
PVR – 1st show 40,517 (full) 1,799
PVR – 2nd show 20,591
Fun – 1st show 17,230 6,521
Fun – 2nd show 27,229
DT – 1st show 29,614 (full) 15,083
Big – 1st show 5,713 2,837
Big – 2nd show 7,859
Fame – 1st show 1,076 4,784

In Jammu’s Movie Time multiplex, ZNMD could manage an opening show of Rs. 4,896 and a second house-full show of Rs. 15,456. In the same multiplex, Harry Potter collected Rs. 8,832 in the first show and Rs. 16,800 (full) in the second show. In Jammu itself, ZNMD has also released at KC cinema while Harry Potter is being screened at Mini KC. While both the shows of the Hollywood flick drew full houses (Rs. 15,624 per show), the Bollywood film collected only Rs. 12,018 in the first show but it picked up phenomenally in the second show (Rs. 46,392).

At Sarb in Jalandhar, ZNMD could amass Rs. 10,000 in the first show and Rs. 25,000 in the second show as against house-full capacities of Rs. 42,000 and Rs. 54,000 respectively.

Rajasthan Circuit Box-Office

The case is reverse in Rajasthan where the initial of ZNMD has been better than that of Harry Potter. In fact, in some cinemas of Jaipur, Hrithik has outshone Harry by leaps and bounds. Take a look:

Multiplex Harry Potter (Rs.) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Rs.)
Inox Vaibhav – 1st show 12,000 14,000
Inox Vaibhav – 2nd show 26,000
EP – 1st show 13,000 24,000
EP – 2nd show 21,000 47,000
Inox CP – 1st show Full Full
Inox Pink Square – 1st show 112 (audience) 226 (audience)
Golcha – 1st show 13,500 (against capacity of 68,000) 9,000 (against capacity of 21,000)
Golcha – 2nd show 21,000 21,000 (full)
Raj Mandir – 1st show Not released 59,000
Raj Mandir – 2nd show Not released Full

Collections from other centres of Rajasthan:

Multiplex Harry Potter (Rs.) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Rs.)
Big Cine Magic, Bikaner – 1st show Not released 26,000
Big Cine Magic, Bikaner – 2nd show Not released Full
Gold, Alwar Not released 21,000
Glitz, Ajmer Not released 18,000
Maya Mandir, Ajmer 13,000 13,000
PVR, Udaipur – 1st show Not released due to technical snag 9,000
PVR, Udaipur – 2nd show Full
Bioscope, Jodhpur – 1st show 199 (audience) 322 (audience)
Bioscope, Jodhpur – 2nd show 220 (audience) 410 (audience)

Delhi-U.P. Circuit Box-Office

The public in Dehradun was partial to Harry Potter (in 3D) which collected Rs. 16,000 in the first show as against Rs. 9,000 of ZNMD. Spice multiplex of NOIDA embraced both the films as both drew full houses. At G3S multiplex in Delhi, there were 190 people for ZNMD in the first show and 210 for the Hindi dubbed version of Harry Potter. The seating capacity of both the auditoria is 300. Vishal, a single-screen cinema of Delhi city, is probably reflective of how single-screen cinemas across the country are accepting ZNMD. Against a house-full capacity of Rs. 90,000, the Hrithik-starrer collected only Rs. 27,000 in the first show and a less-than-impressive Rs. 41,000 in the second show. A total of 350 people saw ZNMD in the first show at Silver City multiplex in Ghaziabad (in an auditorium of 550 seats) whereas 302 watched Harry Potter in the same show in an auditorium of 302 seats.

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