The dreaded Osama bin Laden is making a comeback of sorts in Abhishek Sharma’s comedy of the million dollar fake: Tere Bin Laden. In an interview with Komal Nahta on ETC’s Bollywood Business, Pradyuman Singh had a lot to talk about George Bush, Abhishek Sharma and his caves in Afghanistan.

How did you land this role?

I heard Abhishek was making a film so I abducted him to Afghanistan and told him that a film about me should obviously have me in it. When he told me the script I had tears in my eyes. I’m always on the run and don’t have time to laugh. So I’m happy that the film could give me a few laughs.

Did Abhishek ask you before he finalized the scenes?

I used to get very frustrated every time he said “Cut!” because I kept wondering who was to be cut! So after a point of time he gave up saying ‘cut’, they would just pack up and take the camera to another set and I’d be still acting! But honestly, it was great fun on the sets! There’s this new boy Ali Zafar – and he sings very well – so I made him sing for me all the time. I was thinking of taking him to Afghanistan and of making him the ‘Afghanistani Idol’.

I watched lots of Yash Chopra videos to learn Punjabi.

Did you do any kind of research for your role?

I researched for about 8-9 months for my role. I took out my old tapes and went over them because I almost forgot my mannerisms and movements during that time. But it was more fun playing the role of Noora.  I watched lots of Yash Chopra videos to learn Punjabi.

So have you finally decided to give up crime?

When my friend George Bush retired, I decided to retire too because I was ‘in it’ for him. Anyway, I’m taking Abhishek with me when I return to Afghanistan. I’ve already had two private screenings in my caves in Afghanistan. Some of my friends from America watched the show, even George Bush had come over. He loved my acting and even gave me a warm hug. In fact, I’ve decided to give up all my previous crimes and take up acting. If I don’t get any movies I’ll use my money and fund my own film.

The film seems to be doing well. Whom do you give the credit to?

I think Ali Zafar, I and the rest of the cast and crew because we’ve all worked so hard for the film. But I still will give most of the credit to writer-director Abhishek Sharma because it’s been his labour of love for past 5 years.

By Koimoi Team

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