EXCLUSIVE! Avinash Tiwary On Not Being Sure About Doing Bulbbul Initially To What Changed His Mind; Says Anushka Sharma Has An Eye For Talent
EXCLUSIVE! Avinash Tiwary On Not Being Sure About Doing Bulbbul Initially To What Changed His Mind; Says Anushka Sharma Has An Eye For Talent

Last month, Bulbbul starring Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, Rahul Bose, Parambrata Chatterjee and Paoli Dam released on Netflix. It is directed by Anvita Dutt and produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma. This film isn’t the typical story of chudail or witches we all have grown us listening to or watched on screen. Those who have watched Avinash and Tripti in Laila Majnu (2018) are happy to see them in such a peculiar story.

Bulbbul received a great reaction from critics and fans. As it’s lockdown period, many people watched the film and tweeted to the star cast and the producers. Tripti Dimri plays the titular role and Avinash Tiwary is seen as Satya. In Laila Majnu, we saw them as romantic and passionate lovers. However, their characters in this Netflix film are nowhere close to what we saw in LM. From child marriage to the oppression of women by men, this gothic fable address it all.

Koimoi spoke to Avinash Tiwary about the love his film is receiving. The actor said that he’s very happy with all the love and appreciation coming his way and his co-stars too. The Ghost Stories actor also had many good things to say about Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma.

When Avinash Tiwary was asked how did he perceive his character Satya as he’s just a simple guy, he revealed that he wasn’t sure about taking the role initially. The actor also shared what changed his mind. He said, “Thank you so much for asking me this question. Everyone who watches the film knows it’s a story of Bulbbul and what happens in her life. When I read the script, I liked the story and narrative, but I had the feeling that the story is about Bulbbul and not Satya. I wasn’t sure if I should be doing it. But then I realised it’s a very special film. I had a feeling that it’s a very unique film and I want to be a part of it.”

Avinash added, “I couldn’t convince myself about Satya at the beginning. I found him to be too naive and innocent. He is the only character in the film who doesn’t know anything that’s happening. The audience also knows more than he knows. On paper, I felt that he is dumb. I was not sure if I should be doing it or how should I do this film. Anvita then told me about the courage that he has and revealed his conviction how he goes out and look for who’s hunting and killing these people in the village. But more than that, what really attracted me was a line that Bulbbul says at the end of the film. She says ‘Tum sab ke sab ek jaise ho’. For me, that was really awakening because I suddenly realised that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Satya doesn’t do anything wrong. You can’t really pinpoint. I used to have arguments with myself that he might have done something wrong or there might be a reason. I used to justify, not only during those time but in present times too. I really was justified by how Satya was. When Bulbbul says that now you are the same ‘oppressive and patriarch’ like Indranil and Mahendra, I really thought that this will be a conversation that will start about Satya.”

“Was Satya a patriarch? I had this conversation with Anvita at that time point of time. She said maybe I am a closeted patriarch which is why I’m not able to see what he is doing,” shared the talented actor.

The film has majorly received good reviews. But there are people who didn’t like it and have made comments like ‘chudail wali story mein bhi feminism daal diya’. I asked Avinash Tiwary his thoughts on such comments and he gave an interesting answer.

Tiwary shared, “That’s bound to happen. They are also a part of a conversation. ‘Isme bhi feminism daal diya’ if a few people say this, there are also people who will comment on that. They will tell such people to watch and understand what the film is. It is so ingrained from the start of human civilization that the one who is a provider will always be powerful and will always abuse and exploit. And men have been the provider. This conversation is so important and we don’t even realise how wrong it is (abuse and exploitation). I don’t think the film intended to tell a feminist story. It’s a very engaging story, it makes you feel for the character. You are being told a story and in the end, there’s a message. This isn’t preachy. It’s a very interesting, engaging and entertaining story. If there are people who didn’t like it, we apologise and we will make it better next time. But I think majority of them did like it.”

About his experience of working with Anushka and Karnesh, the Bulbbul actor said, “If I decide to be a producer one day, Karnesh and Anushka are the ones who I would idolize of all the people that I have seen around. They have great eye for talent and content. They have been pushing the boundaries and taking the risks. All the stories that you mentioned are not winners on paper. But they have made good films. They truly respect the talent and artist.”

Avinash Tiwary concluded saying, “The amount of love and respect I got from their set, is so rare. I haven’t got that kind of love and respect on any film set. I would love to work with them again if something interesting comes up. Hopefully, next time they make a film call Satya (laughs) and they cast me. They are really fantastic.”

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