Kangana Ranaut’s forte has been her frank attitude. And the actress doesn’t shy from making statements that are extremely potent and necessary. With her woman-centric ‘Queen‘ all set to hit the screens on the eve of Women’s Day next Friday, the actress made a scathing remark about how actors don’t really understand their moral responsibility of perpetuating the correct ideas.


She told Koimoi, “Market has a big role to play in the way we women look at ourselves. We don’t live as much in the age of information as in misinformation. Educated people surely have greater IQ to judge well what is important for them and what isn’t. Initially even I had got multiple offers to endorse fairness creams and they were offering me lump-sum amounts for it but I refused to do it. It is important to be responsible as celebrities and endorse the right things. We are expected to inspire zillions and hence if we attach ourselves to the wrong things or propagate false or shammy ideas, then it is really bad.”

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

The actress herself is celebrity known for the fashionista avatar and obviously resplendent looks but she staunchly expressed her disregard for endorsing fairness products,”As celebrities we cannot put down people of our country. It is very hurtful to a wide range of masses when a celebrity is endorsing some fairness cream. People belonging to such prestigious and esteemed position should not indulge in such petty things.”

Often celebrities endorse products to further their own brand value. But Kangana’s conviction was so overwhelming. She quipped, “It is the responsibility of celebrities to not do such things. I don’t want to name anyone but people do a lot for their own community surely like Oprah Winfrey for example. But it is not right to put them down infront of society is embarrassing. It is important for celebrities to take responsibility of what they endorse. Putting down your country and your people to go forward in career and life won’t work. Fairness creams are not emancipating but they are multi million dollar industries. India is a great market for them full of many buyers who are willing not only to damage their self morale but their skins as well.”

The actress in course of her conversation came out strongly about her views on her opinion on how everyone is intrinsically beautiful in their way but low self morale along with the entire social idea of ‘beautiful’ doesn’t allow them to respect themselves that way. She said,”Such products uproot self confidence completely. So many people are doing so well all over the world today. We are human beings not soap bars manufactured out of the same machine. We are different and are meant to be different. I have no idea how people think but this is very wrong thinking! According to me, this is a criminal activity of sorts. Not only do the chemicals bleach your skin but this is shattering confidence of people so brutally. If you have to accepted, you have to look a certain way.”

Even Queen’s premise deal with something similar the actress agreed. The film is all set to hit the theaters on 7th March. I have taken many interviews till date but meeting a firebrand of a woman like Kangana is a rarity in this industry which thrives on dishonesty and diplomacy. For her sake I hope Queen fares well.

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  1. shut up kangna u r being too much now first u said u rejected some awards for krrish3 just bcoz its a supporting role n u r making big claims now i started liking u earlier on but u r becoming too much plz be real sometimes what do u want to prove we know u act well in fashion tanu weds manu gangster but plz change certain thoughts of yours

  2. Great said! Hats off to you!! Some people giving negative comments about her statement may be SRK fans. SRK endorses fairness products so much so that he credits his super successful career to the fairness of his skin.. What a blantant and irresponsible person SRK is! He will go to any extent for money and popularity.


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