Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan

Much like the consort of a battleship, there is one woman overpowering over every Indian actress today. Thy name is the new Big B. The Big Balan! An actress who has pronouncedly given a nice aamne-samne takkar to industry’s greatest warriors, Vidya Balan has definitely carved a niche for herself when it comes to Bollywood. Today, while five of Vidya’s films gave her positive responses from critics and audiences consecutively taking her award winning streak to a new level each year, Ghanchakkar seems to be a welcome change.

Ghanchakkar is not a typical comedy film. After playing such intense characters I was looking for a comic caper to come my way. Just when I had lost hopes, Rajkumar came to me with Ghanchakkar and the script bowled me over. This is my first venture into comedy films but Ghanchakkar is a thriller comedy, which is a first of its kind in India today. When Raj Kumar came to me with the script, I was overjoyed with his narrative skills and I knew that Rajkumar will bring in some difference to the character nuances too.”

At a time when Vidya was criticized publicly for her wrong dressing senses, she managed to transform her inner beauty into the quintessential sari Indian heroine, courtesy a Sabyasachi Mukherjee in tow. But with Neetu, talks of her fashionista-gone-wrong attitude are back again. “Well, yes I did go through a terrible phase when everything I wore was criticized. But here, the entire story is different altogether. Neetu is a hatti-katti punjabaan wife and she is one of those typical trying-to-be-modern women who think that she knows the A-Z of fashion. That is why she wears such clothes and since the character is meant to be over the top I feel the clothes suit her personality. You will get to know that more when you watch the film. Coming to me being plump, I would clarify that. When I did The Dirty Picture I had actually gained 12 kilos to play silk. Post the film when I was about to start losing those extra kilos, Rajkumar came to me with this brilliant script and said, I want my actress to be natural. So don’t lose your weight! (Laughs out loud) That is why the clothes were fashioned in a way to make that bizarre feel look real.”

While The Dirty Picture had Emraan Hashmi and her in a breathtaking look, ask her about working with Emraan and she is all smiles. “Emraan is such a great actor. A powerful actor of his caliber is meant to do films like these because Emraan is one person who has done films like Jannat, Murder, Shanghai and now Ghanchakkar. But you ask anyone to make him smile and that would be the most difficult task in the world (Laughs). He gives me a very hard time in the film. He is such a lazy lad in the film (winks).”

While Vidya and Emraan spread smiles all over with their mad cap comic caper, we wish the entire team of Ghanchakkar a very best for the release!

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