While Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor’s break-up came as a shock to everyone, little did we know that Kat’s ex-boyfriend Salman will be having a ‘Told You So’ moment at this hour. After launching Katrina in Bollywood, Salman was dating the actress for quite some time.

Drunk Salman's Forecast Over Ranbir-Katrina Relationship Comes True!
Drunk Salman’s Forecast Over Ranbir-Katrina Relationship Comes True!

After tasting success and becoming a big name in Bollywood, Kat soon fell for the Kapoor lad Ranbir. Soon, the duo started dating and Salman was left in a soup.

One fine day, post their break-up, Salman got drunk enough and turned up at Kat’s place warning her that she is doing a mistake dating Ranbir and that he will leave her heartbroken. He even mentioned to her years ago that she will regret this decision.

Well, looks like Salman’s forecast came true after all. The duo have now parted ways. It seems after warning her, the actor who was completely out of hand had to be escorted by the driver who intervened and took him home.

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