The song Bhaag DK Bose definitely did not mince any words in mixing the playful with the offensive, but it sure is not the first time that something like this has been done in Bollywood. Innuendos have always been a part of our songs – some blatant, some thinly veiled. Here are some of our favourites

1. Zara Zara Touch Me – Race

There are no “come hither” hints in this song. Katrina Kaif has no qualms gyrating in a shimmering dress, asking Saif Ali Khan to, well, touch her!

2. Ringa Ringa – Slumdog Millionaire

While sounding amazingly similar to the controversial song Choli Ke Peechay (next in the list), Ringa Ringa’s naughty lyrics are in serious competition with the orgasmic sighs in the song! Sample this, “Khatiye pe main padi thi…Ek khatmal tha sayaana/Mujhpe tha uska nishana/Chunri mein ghus gaya dheere dheere… Reng ke jaane kahan pahucha…Kitna main tadpi thi/Kitna main royi thi/Main to thi achchi bhali…” Now what if the khatmal (bedbug) was a euphemism…

3. Choli Ke Peechey – Khal-Nayak

Only Madhuri Dixit could pull off such a song without making it look distasteful. It still makes you wonder how the Censor Board allowed a song that actually asked a girl, “What’s behind your blouse?” While it may have made many women blush in those times, the song went on to be a cult classic.

4. Gutar Gutar – Dalaal

Seemingly harmless with the call of a pigeon, the song Gutar gutar was a rage in its time because of the innuendo in the lyrics! Hint: the kabootar (pigeon) addressed in the song is just a metaphor.

5. Ang Se Ang Lagana – Darr

Besides being the festival of colours, Holi is also a legitimate celebratory time for boys and girls to get cozy with each other. And with songs that begin with Ang se ang lagana, you almost see lines like “Kaise ki jatanee bhigee chunaree bhigee cholee… Bhige bhige tere badan se/Jaise, sholay, lapak rahey hai.” Subtlety? Out with the colours!

6. Meri Pant Bhi Sexy – Dulaara

Its one thing to call yourself sexy, and another to start listing your items of clothing and calling them sexy. Only Govinda could have pulled off a song like this! And don’t miss how he caresses his “sexy” handkerchief!

7. Rukmani Rukmani – Roja

Youngsters usually get irritated when older folk start getting nosy about their personal lives. Now imagine them asking you about your first night. The elders singing “Rukmani rukmani, shaadi ke baad kya kya hua” want detailed descriptions of all the action. It’s a surprise that the lyrics spare us of any lucid answers!

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