Romance is evergreen in Bollywood, brought again and again with different shades each time. But when it comes to rating a film to be the epitome of this genre, the sole film that takes away the trophy is ‘Mughal-E-Azam’.


Made in 1960 by K. Asif, it became ‘The Film’. It broke all the records and made a place in our hearts forever. A story of enduring love: The director who labored over his magnum opus and took years to complete being a perfectionist, actors whose chemistry put the screen on fire and viewers who kept coming back being mesmerized by the entire feel and the passionate performances.

Best Dialogues of Mughal-e-Azam
Best Dialogues of Mughal-e-Azam

But the movie’s mystique comes from the way it reflected real life. To be precise, the unfulfilled love between Dilip Kumar who played Salim and Madhubala who played Anarkali lit up the screen.

Though detailing was taken care in making each and every aspect of the film but dialogues took the credit away. The dialogues which flowed like poetry and made us drift along with them… The true surreal feel…

Here are some of the best dialogues of Mughal-e-Azam which fail to fade in our memories.

“Meri Aakhon se mere khwaab na cheneye shahzade mein mar jayungi”

“Santarash ka dawa bilkul thik tha, Is bepanah husn ki tap pattar hila sakti hai”

“Kaneez dekhna chahti thi ki afsane haqueqat mein kis tarah badalte hain”

“Taj un saron par nahi rehta jahan khoff aa jaye”

“Parda nahi jab koi khuda se, bando se parda karna kya”

“Akbar ki buzdil laundi tu salim ki mehbooba nahi ho sakti”

“Ye kaneez Akbar ko apna khoon maaf karti hai”

“Salim tujhe marne nahi dega, aur hum tujhe jeene nahi denge”

“Dil ki dhaknon ko Shehanshah ki gulami manzoor nahi”

“Akbar ki talwaar kya uthyegi jo apni chuddiyon ka bhoj nahi utha sakti”

“Kaanton ko murjaane ka khoff nahi hota”

“Mera dil aapka hindustan nahi jis par aap hukumat karein”

Though a lot of films have been made on romance and we will continue making many more. But Mughal-E-Azam will remain close to our hearts forever.




  1. well i have watched this movie at least a dozen times with my mom and dad. they feel so nostalgic. But i too believe that yes this is one romantic film which you must watch by all means. Loved it once again.

  2. I am disappointed. The greatest dialogue not only in Mughal e Azam, but in the history of Indian Cinema is when Dilip Kumar brought in the Akber’s court as P.O.W. The dialogue delivery of Dilip Kumar is the greatest ever in the history of Indian Cinema. No actor can come near to Dilip Kumar”s natural rebut-le in the Court of Akber. Taake aap use sazaa e maut deden and then ek tangdil badshah kisi ko maut ke siva de bhi kya sakta. And then Mujhe woh taqt manzoor nahin jiske paaye anarkali ke janaze pe rakhen hon. Vow. Shanshah Akkber ko apne bete ki jaan leni padhegi. These are the greatest. The breath, the rythum is unmatched. You can feel the breath of dilip kumar.


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