Ranveer Singh who has always been a close friend and one of the best co-stars to Deepika Padukone, spill beans on the beautiful actress.

Ahead of the release of her magnum opus’ release Bollywood’s leading lady featured on the cover of Open Magazine. Throwing light on unknown facts about the actress, the magazine quotes some of the closest people in Deepika’s life.


Decoding the career and the personal life of the actress, the magazine also highlights the remarkable journey of Deepika Padukone and mentions quotes of her Padmaavat co-star Ranveer Singh.

Deepika runs her own show: Ranveer Singh
Deepika Padukone Runs Her Own Show Says Ranveer Singh

Deepika wasn’t perfect and perfection is not what she is looking to achieve. But her success is consistent and that is not something anyone else has managed to achieve. Her co-actor and partner Ranveer Singh, who has known her for years now, remembers a girl who would once stretch herself to a limit that almost broke her.

“She is immensely hardworking, but now she has learned to choose the jobs she does and balance them out,” he says.

“There was a point she was clocking in three shifts a day. She was promoting Chennai Express, then shooting scenes with me for Ram-Leela and then rehearsing for a song at night, till she could barely stand. When things are going for you and you have to take your foot off the pedal, it’s not an easy decision to make. But she did that.”


“It took her a while, but she is someone who will ask for help if needed. It’s a very humane quality and that makes her real” Ranveer Singh adds.

Within six months of this, Deepika came out with her experience of battling depression. This was at a point in her career where she was already way ahead of her peers and being hailed at the top of her game. But it didn’t stop her from talking about an issue that, even today, is in dire need of de-stigmatization. “She isn’t afraid of exposing her weaknesses. It took her a while, but she is someone who will ask for help if needed. It’s a very humane quality, and that makes her real,” says Ranveer Singh, who has known her through her toughest times.

Deepika is more than her movies. She is the kind of person who will read out her father’s letter on an awards platform and cry her heart out when she feels like it. A letter her father Prakash Padukone wrote her and her sister says this, “You are in a world where there is a lot happening, but I hope you are the game-changer in it. Strive to generate positivity around you even though you are too small a player to affect a big change.” Deepika has been a game-changer and continues to be. “She runs her own show!” Ranveer Singh says, summing her up beautifully.

In time for the release of Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat, Open Magazine’s cover story celebrates the larger than life inspiring story of Deepika Padukone.



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