The super-hit ‘Munni badnaam hui’ song of Dabangg is weaving its magic at the box-office. People are repeating the film just for the song, which has been picturised on Malaika Arora-Khan. The choreography (Farah Khan) and the dance by Malaika are so brilliant and the song (written and composed by Lalit Pandit), such a huge hit that it is contributing in no small measure to the box-office revenues of the film. The number is, indeed, an item song of great value. Reports from various cinemas across the nation suggest that in their repeat viewing, several people leave the auditorium once the item song is over!

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‘Dabangg’ Nails It With ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’!, in its review of the film, had predicted that the magic of the song would bring in repeat audiences. To quote from our review: ‘The racy tune and the sexy picturisation on Malaika Arora-Khan (who has danced extraordinarily) will ensure repeat audiences for the film.’

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