It has been a red letter year for Randeep Hooda. The actor has had it all in this slate, from critical acclaim in Highway to a popular face in Kick. But Randeep Hooda remains unaffected by it all. He can’t care much for critical acclaim because he has had enough of it. Box office numbers don’t budge him either, as long as those who have put in money, yield back what they have invested. His quest for good work precedes his brashness.


Talking to Koimoi, about his year so far, he says, “Highway opened big and drew attention because there was Sajid Nadiadwala and Imtiaz Ali involved in it. Critical acclaim is not something I am hungry for. I have had it and I don’t strive for. To prove myself to others with my acting abilities is not my lookout. I want to better myself with each project. But with Kick, I was exposed to a large audience in one go, which has really changed my lifestyle (laughs). It did. The funny part is I had signed Kick before Highway.”

Randeep Hooda
Randeep Hooda

Soaked in appreciation, coupled with his good time, the actor said, “There is a pendulum that swings in life. Mine is on the upping, towards the correct side. I just want to keep going on. It has been a varied presentation of me as an actor in the last few films and that’s overwhelming and never enough. With Rang Rasiya we bring to screen an icon who isn’t known as an icon, and that’s the sad part.”

What saddens Randeep is the lack of knowledge in India about the film’s protagonist. He says, “Let’s describe him as a rockstar. The first fashion designer who gave saree the definition it has today. He had a post office dedicated to himself alone because normal one couldn’t bear the brunt of it. He is the first marketing man who put his paintings on soaps and detergents. He was a rationalist. He was a man of colorful disposition with his affairs and the love with his muses. The magnitude of his unknown soul is prayed to via the paintings and pictures he had printed of Goddesses.”

Randeep Hooda has created quite a bold scene with a film of this flavor. Ketan Mehta after his long drawn battles is all set to release an ambitious film which will be memorable despite being audacious, claims Mehta.

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