Actor Govinda, who was urged by the apex court to apologize to a fan he slapped to end the dispute, says the decision of the court is paramount for him and that he’ll respect it.

“Till the time I receive the letter from the court, I can not make a comment on it. The decision of the court is paramount for me and I will respect its decision,” he said at a press conference here, while declining to give direct answers to various questions posed to him.


Asked if there was any funding for the fan in question regarding the case, he replied: “This is something worth thinking about. From where is the funding coming?”

Govinda at an event
Govinda at an event

“It’s a matter of thinking that this person lands up illegally at a place out of love or out of emotion or on the instruction of someone or something similar. Such a person never stretches such a matter for so many years especially since he is not someone who is a resident of this place. It’s surprising that it’s been 10 years and these things (case) are happening now.

“A person who indulges in illegal activities, how can he be helped in such a big way? This is surprising. Tell me how can it happen without it (funding)?” he said.

Govinda was caught on camera slapping Santosh Bateshwar Ray on the sets of his film “Money Hai Toh Honey Hai” in 2008.

“It doesn’t look normal for it to go on for so many years. No fan could ever have a behaviour like this and that’s definite. Fans tremendously love artistes… they go out of the way and take police beating and be still to protect artistes from problems, and not come in front of artistes.”

“I want to say that there was never any intention to hurt anyone. A person who I don’t even know and never met, I can’t have any such intentions for such a person,” said Govinda.

On Monday, the apex court, reminding Govinda that he was big Bollywood star of yesteryears, asked him to settle a dispute by apologising to him.

Pointing out that what may hold good in “reel life” may not hold good in the “real life”, a bench of Chief Justice designate-Justice T.S.Thakur and Justice V. Gopala Gowda counselled Govinda that as he was “a big hero, show your big heart” and apologise and settle the matter.



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